LuciaForty six journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2000 and eight more have disappeared, according to Reporters Without Borders. Many of those killed have reported on drug cartels or other illegal activity.

Some of the bravest Mexican journalists are women working for CIMAC, directed by Lucia Lagunes (photo left in our interview in Mexico City). CIMAC was founded in the 1980s with a propositon that was then radical in Mexico– to prove that women’s issues constitute news.

Since then CIMAC journalists have written stories that are so compelling and important even the mainstream Mexican media can’t resist publishing their reports. Most notable, Lydia Cacho, who has had her life repeatedly threatened for reporting on child prostitution rings and the many unsolved murders of women in Ciudad Juarez. As for Lucia Lagunes, look for her comments in one of our upcoming reports from Mexico.

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