In our interconnected world, reliable news and information is more important than ever before. Round Earth Media, a world-wide partnership, is training the next generation of global journalists while producing powerful multimedia stories on important under-reported issues — from the environment to women, immigration to music, and business to health. Through our groundbreaking model, Americans partner with journalists from the countries where we are reporting. Their stories reach huge audiences via top-tier media around the world. Support our work.

Who We Are

We’re reaching huge audiences with important untold stories via top tier media in the U.S. and around the world. Next generation global correspondents report these stories with support from Round Earth’s veteran journalists.

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Places We Go

Places that are neglected or need better reporting. One example is Mexico where we are partnering young American and Mexican journalists to produce powerful untold stories via NPR in the U.S. and top newspapers in Mexico. Support reporting from a country that matters to you.

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Issues We Address

Important issues that get lost in the daily news cycle: from the environment to women, immigration to music, and business to health. Support reporting on an issue that matters to you.

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In the Works

Reporting projects in Latin America and Africa and soon in Asia and Europe. In addition, our pioneering program in collaboration with SIT Study Abroad, gets underway every semester -- budding foreign correspondents guided and mentored by Round Earth vets.

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Help train the next generation of global journalists while supporting important stories from a country or about an issue that matters to you. Democracy depends on independent global journalism.

Blog: Next Generation Journalism

Get an insider's view on next generation journalism with Mary Stucky, lead journalist and co-founder of Round Earth Media.

Here’s something positive!Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.04.38 PM

I know, I know, the news has been dreadful. The NBC cameraman with Ebola was – what else? –  a freelancer without sufficient health insurance.  Around the world, freelancers have replaced staff journalists as the source of our most reliable international news and information.

YOU can help help the great freelancers who look to  Round Earth for support — and who we all depend on to know what’s going on in our increasingly interconnected world.

Give to Round Earth Media’s cool new Kickstarter project and your gift will be maximized thanks to a match from a generous donor — turn a $10 donation into $15!

Please support these great young journalists who will bring you stories rich in humanity and place – from Ghana, Mexico and Jordan.
Heartfelt thanks from me and them!

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Round Earth Media
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Mentoring and supporting the next generation of global journalists, while producing under-reported stories for top-tier media around the world.